How to Choose a Wall Lamp With Cord

wall lamp with cord

A wall lamp with cord lets you bring illumination to your reading nook, writing desk, or any other workstation. You can use this type of sconce to accent your home office or to highlight a special painting, sculpture, or other piece of art. The right shade and fixture color can make your wall sconces look as stylish as they are functional.

You’ll find this lighting option in a variety of materials and styles, from rustic to modern. Some sconces feature a metal back plate that covers the cord for a seamless appearance, while others have a glass or woven-fiber shade to reflect light and enhance its warmth. Choose from a wide selection of finishes, such as brass, nickel, bronze, or chrome. Many models can even be used in damp environments.

How big should a wall sconce be? It depends on the purpose you want your sconce to serve and how much space you have for it. You can illuminate a bathroom vanity mirror with just one small sconce, while a large pair is perfect for an open wall in your living room. Keep in mind that you’ll need a spot for the fixture where it can be easily reached to switch it on or off and to change the lighting direction. A standard rule of thumb is that the shade should be at least two times as high as the base.

The shape of a shade is another important factor in choosing the best sconce for your space. Opaque shades of silk, thick parchment, and laminated card can direct light in defined up-and-down beams that are great for highlighting artwork or creating a mood. Translucent shades of fabric, paper or alternative materials will create softer, more ambient lighting that’s perfect for seating areas and bedrooms. Custom details like embroidery, decoupage, and paint can transform a simple lampshade into a show-stopping focal point that will elevate your decor scheme.

You can choose from plug-in or hardwired wall sconces Zangkao, depending on your preferred installation method and the electrical wiring in your home. A plug in sconce works with any outlet, but it can be unsightly if you have to run an extension cord to reach the spot where you want to install it. A hard wired sconce is connected directly to the wires running through your walls and needs to be installed by a professional electrician.

A wall sconce that’s adjustable is a smart choice for a bedroom. You can use it to light up your nightstand or reading nook so you can read late into the night without annoying your partner with the bright glow of a booklight. Just make sure to position it a few feet above your bed so that the bulb isn’t shining into your eyes when you go to sleep. You can also use this style of sconce to illuminate the tops of bookcases for charming accent lighting.