The Basics of Floor Lamps

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You can use floor lamps to brighten your home without the need for overhead lighting. These tall fixtures offer a number of design options and impact the overall ambiance in your living space through their height, shade design, materials, and more. Whether you’re looking for modern models that can slide under sofas or traditional standard lamps with unique bases and decorative shades, you can find the right floor lamp to suit your style.

The Basics of Floor Lamps

Depending on the room in which you’re placing the lamp, it’s important to understand how much light you need. Some types of floor lamps create a soft glow but aren’t functional for spaces that need a significant amount of light. In these situations, you’ll want to consider a torchiere, club, six-way, or adjustable lamp.

A club lamp24 lamp is a popular choice that features multiple arms that can be moved to different heights to create different types of light. Some of these lamps are able to take more than one bulb, making them even more versatile and efficient. While these lamps are usually affordable, they can sometimes require specialty bulbs that cost more to replace than other types of lights.

Another option is a tray floor lamp. This type of lamp features a base that’s shaped like a table and a tray that holds the shade. Some of these trays are made of wood, marble, glass, metal, or plexiglass to match a variety of design styles. While these models tend to be slightly more expensive than other standard options, they’re often a more durable choice as well.

Lastly, down bridge floor lamps are a type of task lamp that directs a pool of light downward to illuminate books, papers, and other items on your desk or table. These types of floor lamps can be a bit more expensive than other standard options, but they can also typically be replaced with common bulbs that are easy to find at your local store.