Modern Style Yurt Interiors

modern style yurt

While yurts were historically used by nomadic tribes, they’re now being fabricated as permanent homes for people who want to get off the grid. They’re also becoming a popular alternative to conventional homebuilding because of their strength and versatility.

The circular yurt is made of a lightweight wooden lattice wall, which nomadic families could easily break down and transport on camels or yaks. The walls are secured to a circular platform, and the roof is held in place by a compression ring. The outer layer of the yurt is covered in a canvas or insulated covering, and a central ceiling fan can keep the inside cool in warm weather and warm in cooler months.

Modern style yurt interiors feature simple designs with plenty of natural light and comfortable fabrics that aren’t too bulky. Choose a neutral color palette for your walls and furniture, and avoid patterns that will overwhelm the space. Keep furnishings light and functional to take advantage of the yurt’s round shape. If you plan to use your yurt as a dining room, kitchen, or living area, make sure the floorplan is open and easy to navigate so that everyone can socialize.

To add a touch of modern to their yurt, this homeowner opted for a sleek kitchen with granite countertops. Instead of a traditional table, they added an island with bar stools that can double as seating for meals and drinks. Track lighting and a glass pendant light help the space feel bright and spacious, while a plush bear skin rug adds a playful element to the rustic style.

This yurt uses the same wood and lattice paneling that are traditional in a yurt, but it also includes elements like an open kitchen, a bathroom, and a master bedroom with its own private skylight. The result is a cozy and inviting design that is perfect for entertaining friends and family. The wood stove acts as the focal point of the space, and the yurt is filled with real greenery including pothos, philodendrons, and curly figs.

If you’re interested in building your own modern yurt, Pacific Yurts offers prefabricated kits that can be installed on a wood deck or concrete pad. Their large kits include room partitions and a loft, and you can also customize them with a range of modern comforts like electricity, plumbing, and heating and cooling.

The most important step in converting your yurt into a permanent home is preparing the foundation. A circular yurt needs a level surface so that water doesn’t pool around the base. You can build a platform or install a raised deck, and a gravel base is also an option. Then, you’ll need to add a compression ring and a door frame to the wooden trellis frame.

You can create a beautiful modern yurt with the right materials and a little bit of imagination. Once you’ve got the yurt skeleton finished, it’s time to add some personal touches. Add a stove, unique furniture, and other accents that will make your home feel like a special retreat.