How to Choose a Table Lamp for Study or Work

A table lamp is a great way to bring illumination into your study or work space. They help minimize glare and shadows while also emitting focused light that helps reduce eye strain, improve memory and increase productivity.

Before buying a table lamp, there are several things you should consider. This includes the type of lighting you need, the overall aesthetics of the lamp and the size of the table it will be placed on. You should also choose the bulb type and color temperature that best suits your needs.

Brightness and Safety

The brightness of a table lamp should be considered first, especially when you want to read or study. Look for a lamp that is at least 60 watts and that is also dimmable. This will allow you to change the lighting at your discretion, which is important when reading at night.

You should also consider the shade’s size. Generally, the shade should be about one and a half times as tall as the base of the lamp. This will help you maximize the visual impact of the light while making it look smaller and more elegant.

To find out the diameter of a table lamp’s shade, hold a measuring tape at the base and measure up to the socket. A shade that is too large will overwhelm the light bulb, while a shade that is too small will be too tiny for the table lamp’s base and may stick out or look awkward in the room.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a table lamp is the shade’s width. You should look for a shade that is about 2 inches (5.1 cm) wider than the lamp’s base. This will make the shade fit better on the lamp’s base and will reduce the risk of the shade falling off.

There are a number of shades on the market, so shop around to find the right shade for your table lamp. You can look for a shade with a diffuser or a shade that is patterned and has a pattern of light coming through it. You should also check for a shade that is made of metal or glass to prevent it from breaking.

If you’re looking for an LED table lamp, you should look for one with a wide color range. You should also be able to change the color of the light with a remote or app on your phone.

Some lights are available with a USB port for charging, which can be useful if you have limited plug sockets in your study space or don’t want to plug your lamp in every time you turn it on. These lamps also come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

You should also be aware of the lux rating when shopping for a table lamp online. The lux rating is the intensity of the light produced by the lamp, which can be measured with a lux light meter.