Top 10 Christmas Read Alouds

christmas read alouds

A holiday read aloud can be a great way to build community in your classroom. It can also help students connect with the story and learn more about it. It is important to find a mix of fiction and nonfiction stories that can appeal to students’ interests. There are plenty of Christmas books that are great for students of all ages. In this article, I’ve rounded up ten surprising Christmas read alouds that will be sure to capture your students’ attention and engage their hearts.

One of the most famous Christmas books of all time, The Polar Express has become a classic family tradition. This story is a great read aloud for younger students. It is filled with colorful illustrations and fun rhymes. Plus, it provides a great opportunity to practice inferring!

Another beloved Christmas book by Tomie dePaola, this tale features a little girl named Carla who is visiting her grandparents for the holidays. She accidentally takes a bite out of Santa’s cookie and worries she has ruined Christmas. When the elves find out, they all work together to create a new sleigh!

The adorable characters in this book all come together to prepare a surprise for their friend. This story is a perfect choice for a class read aloud and teaches about the importance of teamwork.

In this book, two children and their grandmother take in a hurt deer from the forest. They feed it, keep it warm by the fire, and wake up to a huge surprise on Christmas morning. This is a wonderful story to teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas.

A classic tale of sacrificial giving, this is a great story to share with students of all ages. It is a wonderful example of the meaning of Christmas and shows how much love can be shared!

This is a delightful story about a snowman who gets out of control and begins to bring joy to those around him. It is a great read aloud for students who love to laugh and enjoy silly jokes.

While reading this beautiful Christmas story, students can discuss the different parts of the tree and what each part symbolizes. It is a wonderful book to read with younger students and also to discuss with upper elementary and middle school students.

In this heartwarming story, a little mouse helps to make sure that everyone has a Merry Christmas. This is a perfect book to use during the holidays to show students that we all have a responsibility to help others.